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Welcome to Springtrap Simulator 3D! Play as Springtrap, Scraptrap, Dark Springtrap, Spring Bonnie, Glitchtrap, and another mystery character each with their their own unique abilities in a fully-3D free-roam environment as you view iconic locations old and new from the phenomenal horror franchise that changed horror forever! The fun ALWAYS comes back!

Install instructions

1) Click the "Download" button under the build respective to your operating system (ie, download SpringtrapSimWin_X.X.X if you use the Windows operating system).

2) Wait for the build to finish downloading, then right click the file and select "Extract All".

3) Wait for the files to finish extracting, then navigate through the folders to find the executable file/application. Click on the game when you find it, and have fun!


SpringtrapSimWin_1.4.1.zip 371 MB

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